A new DNA for big data

Datanova Scientific has engineered breakthrough technologies for professional grade use of big data, big analytics, semantics, and data science.

Datanova's Knowledge Liquidity Platform (KLP) is a horizontal technology that can rapidly implement sophisticated, end-to-end big data architectures at a fraction of the cost.

KLP is transforming big data practice for industries such as U.S. intelligence, healthcare, cyber, insurance, banking, life sciences, social media, and others.

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Cut big data costs up to 5x

KLP's new approach to big data drastically improves capabilities while cutting costs.

Scale complexity ™

KLP effortlessly scales not just data volume, but also complexity. It can implement complex systems which were not possible before.

Robust, Rich, and Deep quality

KLP's elegant design and mature features have been honed through mission critical use cases. The deeper you look, the better we look.

Big Semantics ™

KLP revolutionizes semantic infrastructure through a true cloud scale, easy to use, professional quality platform.

Big Data Integration

Best in class semantic data integration expressively combines your data at scale like never before.

Silo Buster

Modern enterprises own various data assets (relational, XML, text, weblog, binary...). KLP creates a governed life cycle for all corporate data assets in one cohesive system.

Hybrid Governance

KLP provides customizable governance, pedigree, and provenance for different types of data assets at internet-scale.

Big Analytics

KLP's next generation Analytic Framework and Data Science Office provide easy and managed insights on comprehensive enterprise data.

Customize and Lionize

KLP's targeted, expressive, and secure data customization means pivoting and personalizing big data for your clients.

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