About Datanova


Datanova Scientific specializes in managing diverse data, fusing it to show the big-picture, and enabling data trust. We extract utility and knowledge from multiple data sources and standards. Our patent-pending technologies started out in national intelligence and are now revolutionizing banking, healthcare, cyber, federal, & others.


Datanova was founded by Dr. Sameer Joshi in the early days of big-data. The company's goal was to bridge the growing gap between the sprawl of data - and the high quality needed for artificial intelligence, analytics, and modern data management. Dr. Joshi identified and solved a critical problem - harmonizing the variety of data in a rapid and sustainable way.


Datanova has led mission-critical data projects for U.S. intelligence, banks, healthcare, and data oriented federal agencies. Over this time, Datanova has proven itself capable of working with America’s most sensitive data, while delivering exceptional technical and strategic insights and services.


3000, Chestnut avenue, #109A
Baltimore MD, 21211
Email: info@datanovasci.com
Phone: +1 877 619 NOVA (6682)


Datanova employees based in the U.S.


Datanova technical staff with degrees in computer science or equivalent.


Datanova technical staff with advanced graduate degrees.

About Datanova

We are based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
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Phone: +1 877 619 NOVA

Email: info@datanovasci.com