KLP offers four aspects that come together to form a unique offering for value driven analytics. These are
  1. Semantics
  2. Vulcan analytic framework
  3. Data science office
  4. A wide array of preloaded analytics
Together, these help KLP provide professional grade analytics beyond other platforms in the market.

Better Analytics via Big Semantics

KLP is the world's first semantic cloud. Semantics enhances analytics by surgically selecting the correct data, and by enriching the data logically. Semantics provides a deductive complement for inductive analytics. By modeling the ‘knowledge’ and context behind the data, it turns data into 'smart data’. Furthermore, semantic technology is an open W3C standard being successfuly used by the U.S. government, pharma, healthcare, oil & gas, banking, etc.

One can go as far as to say that semantics is the correct complement for big data and analytics. The problem was, it was difficult to deploy semantics at scale and make it business ready. Datanova's patent pending technology solves these problems, and brings the full power of semantics to modeling, governance, discovery, and analytics.

Vulcan Analytic Framework

Vulcan is a new and indispensible component of corporate analytic strategies.

The industry has learned the value of big-data. Analytics are routinely cited as a revenue stream. Big-data is no longer an oil field, where you may make a lucky strike upon on a lucky day. Big-data is now electricity; without which you are in serious risk of being overrun by the competition.

Consequently, the analytic infrastructures available today have fallen squarely behind the times. Analytic tools feed off enterprise data, but from that point on are separated from the enterprise data life cycle. They are not organic and interwoven into the architecture; instead they sit as dashboards and ‘insights’ on top.

Three very important issues are overlooked in the analytics industry.

  1. Analytics need to work on YOUR data to be useful. Only the simplest analytics can be tuned in advance.
  2. Just like the data life cycle, there needs to be an analytic life cycle. Analytics need to be a part of the business process.
  3. It is important to govern the analytics. Visibility and monitoring is indispensible to the long term success of analytics.

KLP's VULCAN analytic framework provides tools to govern, manage, monitor, and integrate analytics. Vulcan allows an enterpise to create an 'analytic life cycle' which is seamlessly tied to big-data-life-cycles in KLP. This means that the data and insights are blended. Surgically enriched data powers the analytic, and the analytic product in turn enhances the data as well as other analytics. Analytics can be run on ingestion, on query, or based on business rules.

We reiterate, Vulcan is a new and indispensible component of corporate analytic strategies.

Data Science Office

The Data Science Office promotes a data driven culture. The DSO provides an web based interactive enviroment for Data Science on your data. It deploys the latest Data Science tools such as SPARQL, SQL, R, Python, Scala, and machine learning on all KLP components. This creates a very rich environment to create and refine data architectures using KLP.

DSO can be run at small scale on a server, or at cloud scale using Spark.

DSO and Vulcan work in tandem. Data can be explored and analytic quality vetted in DSO. The analytics can then be productionized in Vulcan.

Pre Loaded Analytics

Vulcan comes pre-loaded with a variety of analytic add ons. These include

  1. Vulcan Natural Laguage Processing (NLP) allow leveraging unstructed text. Incorporate online articles, user comments, doctor's notes, technical manuals, etc. into your analysis.
  2. Vulcan Semantic Rules Based System (RBS) take business intelligence to a new level. Semantic rules are superior to traditional business rules and can tie into KLP's rich features and data.
  3. Vulcan Social Media Toolkit provides web scale social media insights.
  4. Vulcan Psychological Analytics Toolkit provide a new kind of business advantage. Determine the psyhological make-up and well being of individuals baed on their textual footprint.

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