Leap-Ahead Technology for Big Data

BKP is a new, end-to-end, horizontal technology that can rapidly implement big data systems. BKP has implemented multi-million dollar big-data clouds for pennies on the dollar. BKP can replace or supplement traditional data warehouses for a fraction of the cost. BKP has among the lowest operational costs for big data systems.

BKP achieves this cost efficiency while actually improving capabilities. BKP provides features that are unseen in the big data space – such as integrated query over different data assets, governance, security, semantics, and open standards.

BKP's secret sauce is Datanova's patent pending technology. BKP solves some long-standing problems in the fundamental science of big data. BKP allows you to scale not only data volume, but also data complexity. BKP extracts and combines the knowledge in many different types of data at cloud scale. This knowledge powers high-octane integration, governance, analysis, and interoperation. BKP’s patent pending technology combines big data and semantics seamlessly to provide a rich, robust, and high-capability big-data platform.

BKP is being successfully applied in industries such as national intelligence, cyber, healthcare, insurance, and banking.

Silo Buster

BKP can store integrate and analyze all corporate data assets in one system. Bring text, tables, binary, log, JSON and other data together.

Built for Business

BKP's professional grade products provide rich, robust, and deep features such as data management, compliance, and optimization.

Reporting and Analysis

Combine traditional reporting with the power of predictive analytics in one system. Use Data Science tools to improve data and analysis quality.

Security and Cyber

BKP provides intelligence community grade security with features like ABAC, RBAC, encryption, pedigree, provenance, and evidence-tracking.

Make or Supplement

BKP can rapidly implement new systems, or seamlessly supplement your existing system with semantics, big data, and analytics.

No Vendor Lock-in

Modern data strategies must be open and agile. BKP uses open standards and is compatible with a variety of open source and commercial products.

Exabyte Scale

BKP scales linearly and creates unprecedentedly large semantic systems with various data types. BKP brings web 3.0 closer to reality.

Low Barrier to Entry

BKP is pre-integrated with various databases, analytics, and commercial tools. This makes big data and semantics easier to use than ever.

Semantic Advantage

BKP uses semantics to enable unique capabilities and enrich its tools and processes. BKP combines the richness of semantics with the big-data scale.

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