Leap ahead technology for big data

KLP is a new, end-to-end, horizontal technology that can rapidly implement customized big data systems. KLP replicated (and improved) the capabilities of a multi-million dollar big data cloud for under $1 million. KLP can replace or supplement traditional data warehouses for a third of the cost. KLP has among the lowest operational costs for professional grade use of big data.

KLP achieves this cost efficiency while actually improving capabilities. KLP provides features that are unseen in the big data space – such as integrated query over different data assets, governance, security, semantics, and standards.

The secret sauce is Datanova's patent pending technology solves some long standing fundamental problems in the science of big data. KLP allows you to scale not only data volume, but also data complexity. KLP extracts the knowledge in very different kinds data at cloud scale. This knowledge powers high-octane integration, governance, analysis, and interoperation. KLP’s patent pending technology combines big data and semantics seamlessly to provide a rich, robust, and deep enterprise platform. This new approach to big data has allowed us to create a unique, comprehensive platform with 40+ features that are not found in other systems.

KLP has been developed by recognized thought leaders, utilizing millions of dollars in undiluted funding. This technology is solving previously intractable problems in industries such as intelligence, cyber, healthcare, insurance, and life sciences.

Silo Buster

KLP can store integrate and analyze all corporate data assets in one system. Bring tabular, binary, log, XML, legacy, and other data together.

Built for Business

Rich, robust, and deep tools provide professional grade features such as data management, compliance, and optimization.

Reporting and Analysis

Combine traditional reporting with the power of predictive analytics in one system. Use Data Science tools to improve quality.

Security and Cyber

KLP provides intelligence community grade security with features like ABAC, RBAC, encryption, and model control.

Make or Supplement

KLP can rapidly implement a new system, or seamlessly supplement your existing system with semantics, big data, and analytics.

No Vendor Lock-in

KLP uses open standards and is compatible with a variety of open source and commercial prodicts. Keep your technological strategy agile.

Exabyte Scale

KLP scales linearly and creates unprecedentedly large semantic systems with various data types. This brings web 3.0 closer to reality.

Low Barrier to Entry

KLP is pre-integrated with various databases, analytics, and third party tools. This makes big data and semantics easier to use than ever.

Semantic Advantage

KLP uses semantics to enable unique capabilities and enrich its tools and processes. KLP can do things no other big data platform can.

Million Triples per Node

Data Sources with Big Query

Data Science Tools

Industries Being Successfully Served