Big Data Architectures

KLP products have been preconfigured into commonly used architectural patterns. You can select one of these architectures, then customize with products and add-ons based on your requirements.

KLP Semantic Data Lake

KLP Hybrid Database Federation

KLP Inductive/Deductive Cognitive Cloud

KLP Elastic Cloud Warehouse

KLP Standards Based Cloud Warehouse

KLP Enterprise Data Marketplace


KLP Helios povides operational data management in hybrid cloud and non-cloud architectures. Helios NoSQL data management is best in class. Helios provides datum level access control, encryption, and numerous other security features.

Helios Big Data Management System

Helios MongoDB Federator

Helios Relational Federator

Helios Elastic Search Federator

Helios Bigtable Federator

Data Integration

KLP's semantic data integration is highly expressive and reduces the integration effort drastically. Apollo can be deployed in the traditional ETL mode, or in a "pay as you go" mode - which does not require the expensive building of integration models up-front.

Apollo Universal Translator

Apollo Cloud Scale ETL

Apollo Semantic Federation

Data Interoperation

KLP offers very rich interoperation capabilities. KLP can interoperate from mobile to cloud, different databases, different data models, and different schemas. Interoperation rules and security features make the flow of data compliant and visible.

KLP Legacy to Cloud Migration Kit

KLP C2C - Cloud to Cloud Interoperation

KLP API Access Rules and Security

KLP Hybrid Database Interoperation Layer

Data Science

Our goal is to support cultural shifts towards data driven organizations. We offer a full spectrum of data science products. We go beyond the industry buzzwords, and have products that combine the latest open source with decades of data practice. In short, we create an envionment for value driven data science.

Data Science Office

KLP Data Ingestion Studio

Athena Automated Architecture Analysis

Cloud Scale Analytics

Datanova takes the long view on analytics. In order to have lasting ROI, the analytic spread for an organization needs to be managed, tracked, and optimized. We introduce the concept of the analytic life cycle, and tie to data as well as business concerns.

Vulcan Analytic Framework

Vulcan Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Vulcan Semantic Rules Engine (RBS)

Vulcan Social Media Toolkit

Vulcan Psychological Analytics Toolkit


KLP excels in big data governance. Our patent pending technology make big data architectures tenable for hospitals, government, and fortune 100 companies. There is no substitute for KLP for the professional grade use of big data.

Delphi Hybrid Architecture Management

Delphi Architectural Analytics and Reports

Delphi Semantic Data Dictionary

Delphi Organizational Alignment Tool

Delphi Reference Data Management

KLP Cloud Data Provenance

KLP Data Quality Studio