BKP Creates a High-Capability Semantic Cloud

BKP provides comprehensive support for semantic web technology at exabyte scale. Plug and play ontologies, big semantic analysis, and open standards bear out the full power of semantics. BKP's patent pending technology reduces data bloat, and lowers the cost of using and maintaining semantic data and ontologies.

BKP operationalizes semantic technology. Professional grade tools and features make semantics business ready and much easier to use than ever before. BKP is the next generation of semantic infrastructure.

Optimized, Native Semantics

BKP is built on semantic principles from the ground up. All data in BKP is accessible using SPARQL, OWL, and RDF.

Management and Governance

Rich security and data life cycle tools allow organizations to leverage semantics in professional, mission critical systems.

Cloud Scale SPARQL and Analytics

BKP offers cloud scale SPAQRL queries and tools for semantic analysis built on the latest open source like Apache Spark.

Exabyte Scale

BKP scales linearly and creates unprecedentedly large semantic systems with various data types. This brings web 3.0 closer to reality.

Low Barrier to Entry

BKP is pre-integrated with various databases, analytics, and commercial tools. This makes semantics much easier to use than ever.

Semantic Advantage

KP uses semantics to enable unique capabilities and enrich its tools and processes. BKP combines the richness of semantics with the big-data scale.

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