About Datanova


Datanova Scientific specializes in managing diverse data, fusing it to show the big-picture, and enabling data trust. We extract utility and knowledge from multiple data sources and standards. Our patent-pending technologies started out in national intelligence and are now revolutionizing banking, healthcare, cyber, federal, & others.


Our history is rooted in U.S. Intelligence. Over a decade ago, the 9-11 commission had found that different agencies had the data, but they were unable to put it together to see the big picture. The DoD invested hundreds of millions of dollars into this problem, and Datanova was among a select group to solve it. We have years of leadership in data fusion, systems-of-systems, and artificial intelligence.


Datanova has led mission-critical data projects for U.S. intelligence, banks, healthcare, and data oriented federal agencies. Over this time, Datanova has proven itself capable of working with America’s most sensitive data, while delivering exceptional technical and strategic insights and services.


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