Datanova products configured for specific domains or turnkey solutions.

Records Management and Compliance

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Manage all types of data

Manage and comply all types of records - emails, permanent, paper, etc. - in one system.

Best in class automation

The system does the heavy lifting, drastically reducing human labor needed. Because we can use both Data Fusion and A.I., Datanova excels in automation.

NARA, M-12-18, and any future

Datanova's extensible architecture can meet multiple compliance standards in one system, and be extended to others in the future.

Datanova Records Management (Datanova-RM) provides an A.I. driven Records Management and Compliance solution. Datanova-RM can ingest and manage all types of documents and records, or simply discover records without ingestion. Our paradigm shift is to use Data Fusion and A.I. for the heavy lifting – greatly reducing the human labor required while increasing the quality assurance. This paradigm shift is essential to meet the data volume and variety we see today. Most other systems simply cannot provide the kind of capability provided by Datanova-RM's patent-pending technology.

Datanova-RM enables M-12-18, NARA Capstone, and other types of compliance in one system. It can manage emails, SharePoint™, and all types of permanent records.

Datanova-RM can be run on a server, or in the cloud. It can be deployed on-premises or remotely.

Banking Fusion Hub

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Optimized for banks

Prebuilt data-models, integrations, and analyses mean the system can be deployed and used with minimal internal resource commitment. The system is accessible even for small banks.

Immediate value, grows with time

Choose from various applications such as mortgage cross sell, customer experience, market benchmarking, etc. Develop new models and apps rapidly.

Future proof

Unlike traditional data integration and warehousing systems, the Banking Fusion Hub can be extended easily at any time to incorporate new data and new applications.

How can banks grow their business without guesswork? How can they keep the customers they have? Drive operational efficiencies? All this and more can be done by using data banks already have.

The capability to access and analyze clean and fully integrated data from every bank system offers tremendous business advantages for banks. When a bank’s data is brought together in real-time to drive insight and action, the benefits can stretch across a bank.

The Banking Fusion Hub is the turnkey solution that can connect to various data systems in banks and bring them all together to give a global view of their customers, branches, and operations. Various prebuilt analytics and be used as needed for specific bank needs. Examples of analytics include, mortgage cross-sell, customer attrition-prevention, targeted marketing, etc.

The banking Fusion Hub system quick to launch and easy to maintain. For example - a mid-sized community bank in the Northeast manages their system with less than half an employee.

Big Knowledge Platform (BKP)

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Unobtrusive Knowledge Capture

BKP provides various tools to capture knowledge from system and human actors unobtrusively.

Data driven knowledge

BKP refines the various organizational data streams into knowledge. This yields 'living knowledge' which is always current and is readily consumed back by the organization.

Knowledge Monetization

BKP provides the architecture and tooling to use knowledge for various purposes in the organization. This creates numerous agile successes on the path from data-to-knowledge.

All organizations are knowledge driven. The future, thus, is not about big data, but big knowledge. The Big Knowledge Platform (BKP) refines an organization’s data into big knowledge.

BKP enables data driven knowledge through unobtrusive knowledge capture. It uses the various enterprise data streams to capture stable and living knowledge about the organization. BKP also provides tools to facilitate user-generation of knowledge.

Knowledge can be monetized in many ways. BKP creates a continuum from data to knowledge and provides numerous applications along it. These applications provide many success points on the path from data to knowledge