• This is the big-data solution we had been waiting for.
    Branch chief
    U.S. defense intelligence
  • Every bank will want this.
    Community Bank, Maryland
  • This is the holy grail of data ingestion.
    Analytics lead
    U.S. defense cloud analytics project
  • I am a happy camper right now.
    Compliance officer
    Federal government agency
  • BKP has finally made knowledge capture and retention affordable.
    Knowledge management company

  • Current version: 3.3.0
  • Release date: 10 December, 2018
  • Try this release: Click here

The Fusion Hub rapidly aggregates, standardizes, joins, & dedupes all organizational data into a central data Hub. It transforms an organization’s ability to harness and use their data. Fusion Hub is trusted by large national organizations for compliance and mission-critical applications.

Fusion Hub revolutionizes the value that organizations can get from their data. Fusion Hub not just integrates, but also fuses all data about a 'real-world entity' into the same record. This makes data from all internal and external sources accessible within Single Source of Truth.

Fusion Hub is superior to traditional warehouses on almost every dimension. It was created in response to their many weaknesses.

The Hub is being successfully used in banking, government, and healthcare. It can be used on-premises or on the cloud. It can scale up from a single server to big-data.

Fusion Hub's

Stories from client-side


0.5 FTE

A Northeastern bank runs its analytical and compliance infrastructure on the Fusion Hub with less than a half-time person.



Time saved in adding new a data source (integration and fusion), compared to traditional methodology (which attempted only integration).



Processes large amounts of documents per second even on commodity hardware. Scales up horizontally from there.

Who is using the Fusion Hub?

A variety of clients from small banks to very large government organizations use the Fusion Hub. We don't publish our client list online, please contact us to learn more.

Fusion Hub's main


Data trust

Powerful pedigree, provenance, and audit trails provide the next generation of data assurance. Build user trust in data and analytics.

Future proof

Fusion Hub natively supports big data, NoSQL, machine learning, NLP, and modern data types such as social media, IOT, binary, etc.

True agile

Easily and incrementally incorporates new sources, adds analyses, plugs-and-plays data models. Can dynamically update data models.


Originally developed to support national intelligence, Fusion Hub can fuse data even in complex and probabilistic cases.

Low internal effort

Lower setup, configuration, and operating costs than most alternatives.

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