After years in the U.S. national intelligence,
we mastered a critical skill –
First evolve data,
then evolve capability.
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First we create the best data possible,
Then we enable true AI.

The Fusion Hub cleans, unifies, and fuses all sources to create a single source of truth across all data.
The data quality, richness, and flexibility provided by the Fusion Hub is absolutely unmatched in the industry.
The Data Unifier is a CTO's dream. It turns a motley collection of tools into a seamless, reliable architecture.
It lets all systems talk to each other through data unification.
Datanova.ai is the leap-ahead technology of this time for the food industry. It is a near perfect application of our technology— powerful, easy, and strategic.
Of all the transformations we do (data transformation, architecture transformation), this one gives us chills. Datanova.ai transforms the unprecedented challenge of these times into a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

"this is the big-data solution
we had been waiting for"

- Intelligence branch chief

"All banks will
want this"

- Bank CEO

"this is the holy grail
of data ingestion"

- Analytics lead

"I am a happy camper
right now"

- Compliance officer (govt)

Who is using us?

Datanova products and services are used successfully by clients of varying sizes.
We have transformed data for the U.S. Intelligence Community, Army, Navy, Census Bureau, and DHS. We have helped community banks like WSFS, Delaware. Our Restaurant AI is being used by numerous chains ranging in size from 5 to 100 locations.

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Microsoft Azure Partner

Datanova is a Microsoft Azure Partner. Datanova products and solutions are available on Azure. Microsoft products and services are integrated with Datanova.
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Microsoft Azure Government Partner

Datanova is a Microsoft Azure Government Partner. Datanova products and solutions are available on Azure Government, a FedRAMP compliant service.